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Ultimate Vintage Scene Generator

Ultimate Vintage Scene Generator

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You have the time to create your artwork, but you may not have the time to collect, curate and photograph dozens of vintage items to display your work. This collection features over 100 authentic vintage elements which I have collected and photographed specifically for this product!

It wasn’t enough to simply arrange and photograph different scenes. I wanted to give the user complete control to freely create their own scenes. Which essentially gives you the ability to create infinite photo mockups from one collection.

Here’s what’s included

  • 1 Main PSD mockup file at 3800×2500 300dpi which includes 10 unique overlay textures and 8 adjustable vintage tones.
  • 2 Art Supplies PSD which includes 26 pens, pencils, brush pens, inks, paints and more.
  • 1 Camera elements PSD which includes a vintage camera, lens and film.
  • 2 Personal items PSD with includes 27 various vintage elements.
  • 1 Nature items PSD with several elements from nature including leaves, pinecone and turtle shell.
  • 1 Tools PSD including a vintage hammer, screwdriver and wrench.
  • 1 Books PSD with 6 authentic vintage books.
  • 1 Papers PSD with 8 vintage papers of various size shape and color.
  • 1 Stains PSD with 10 drips and coffee cup stains.
  • 8 Preset scenes PSDs flattened to quickly paste in your artwork via layer mask.

Collection Features

  • Fully adjustable elements on their own layers. Shot at high resolution 300dpi to give you full control of sizing and positioning.
  • Adjustable shadow layer styles. Shadows are separate and fully editable.
  • Main PSD includes 10 overlay textures and 8 adjustable vintage tones.
  • 8 Preset scenes PSDs flattened to quickly paste in your artwork via layer mask.
  • Over 100 elements to adjust and position to create your own unique vintage scenes!

I hope you thoroughly enjoy using this collection! If you have any questions or need assistance feel free to contact me. I’m always available and happy to help.


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