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Handie Fonts – Over 1800 Glyphs

Handie Fonts – Over 1800 Glyphs

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Handy Fonts is a collection of hand written fonts that are basic and simple to read, even at smaller sizes. The collection includes a variety of widths and weights in both serif and sans serif versions. With a total of 18 versions, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your next print or web design project.

The inspiration for these fonts came from the need for a simple hand written style that is clear and easy to read. I wasn’t able to find anything with the exact look and various options I was after. From there, the Handie Fonts collection was born.

What’s Included:
(each font includes all web font formats (EOT, SVG, TTF, WOFF) and sample HTML and CSS)

– Handie Serif Regular
– Handie Serif Bold
– Handie Serif Thin
– Handie Serif Condensed
– Handie Serif Condensed Bold
– Handie Serif Condensed Thin
– Handie Serif Fat
– Handie Serif Fat Bold
– Handie Serif Fat Thin

– Handie Sans Serif Regular
– Handie Sans Serif Bold
– Handie Sans Serif Thin
– Handie Sans Serif Condensed
– Handie Sans Serif Condensed Bold
– Handie Sans Serif Condensed Thin
– Handie Sans Serif Fat
– Handie Sans Serif Fat Bold
– Handie Sans Serif Fat Thin

– 98 Handie Bonus Icons

Please Note: This font does not include international characters.

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