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Hand Forged Stamp Effects

Hand Forged Stamp Effects

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See if you recognize this scenario. You've created a design in Photoshop that includes some type and various shapes. The problem is it looks too sharp and clean. Basically, it looks like it was created with a computer. I run into this constantly, and found that I was spending a ton of time "roughing up" my designs.

This product solves that issue, and saves you that time. With a simple click of an action or by applying a layer style you get the hand stamped rough look that you used to spend a ton of time creating. You can even carry the design over to Illustrator and create a scalable vector in seconds... Literally SECONDS!

Here's what's included:

  • 10 Ink Stamp Photoshop Actions
  • 6 Layer Style Presets
  • 1 Smart PSD File
  • 12 Bonus Fine Splatter Brushes
  • Instructions on Creating a Trace Preset in Illustrator
  • A Bonus Action for turning any stamp effect into a transparent layer

10 Ink Stamp Photoshop Actions These actions allow you to create a variety of stamp effects with just a single click. The result gives you a transparent stamp at 300 dpi. These actions are great when you need a stamped look and you need it quick.

6 Layer Style Presets These layer styles look great right out of the box, but they're also perfect for when you would like to make some adjustments and edit the effect to create your own custom press look. If you're familiar with editing layer styles then these presets will be a snap to tweak and create the desired effect.

Smart PSD File This PSD allows you to apply a stamp or pressed look within a Smart Layer which utilizes smart filters and an adjustment layer to achieve the stamped effect. This file gives you another method, as well as, complete control over the look of your stamp.

12 Bonus Splatter Brushes These fine splatters are an excellent compliment to any stamp. It helps to enhance the look of actual ink on paper. These are fun and easy to use, just scale the brush to the desired size and click to apply.

Trace Preset in Illustrator Sometimes you need the flexibility of a vector graphic. It's easy to convert a stamp created with any of the methods above by simply copying and pasting from PS to AI. Setup the Image Trace preset from the instructions provided, and your off with just a couple of clicks.

Turn Any Stamp into a Transparent Layer After applying layer styles and filters you might want to change the color or background of your stamp, or maybe place it over a photo. It's easy to do by just running the bonus Transparent Stamp action, which gives you a new document with your stamp on it's own transparent layer.

Stop waisting so much of your valuable time "roughing up" your work. Buy this product now, and start getting that time back. You can spend more time designing, or maybe go get that cup of coffee you've been thinking about all morning.

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