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The only watercolour brush that I need

I purchased several watercolour brushes but never felt satisfied until I found this. I wish I found this set a long time ago. This set contains too many brushes for the price it offers. Thanks for your hardwork creating this set for us!

Master teacher

Nathan’s classes are at your own pace, which is great for beginners like me. I had trouble downloading class 14 as I have an older I-Pad. The support team quickly resized the class so that it would download. I was so elated. I love the brushes and tutorials. The tutorials breakdown the basics of art and digital painting. His style of painting is beautiful.

Master watercolor brushes

I have purchased multiple brush sets that were a waste of money. This is one of my top 3 favorites that I use all the time. I’m not a big fan of stamp brushes. I think they limit creativity and waste money. However, Nathan’s washes and splatters are amazing. He gives tutorials on how to affectively use them and make spectacular art. His tutorials are easy to follow along. Would highly recommend these brushes.

Ultimate Brush Toolbox
Elena Von Derau
Highly recommended

I'm absolutely blown away by the variety of textures and paint styles included in this toolbox. It's intuitive, realistic, and so much fun to experiment with and use in my own artwork. Anyone looking to mimic traditional paint styles in digital can't go wrong with this!

Procreate Watercolor Masterclass
Cornelia Dr. Klopfer

Nathan shows all sooo well and clearly. Really fine.

Ultimate Brush Toolbox
Cornelia Dr. Klopfer
Very good brushes

I only can say it’s all best.


Really really good brushes. Much better than I expected and do exactly what I was wanting :))))

Great brushes

I really like these brushes. You can achieve some realistic watercolour effects

Very good and realistic brushes!!

Master Watercolor Brushes
Karen Richardson
My favourite watercolour brushes

Deliberated for weeks over these. I have other w/c brushes, did I really need these? The short answer is yes! Love them already and I’ll be learning to use the huge number of variations over the coming weeks. Thank you

Procreate Watercolor Masterclass
Francisco Javier Marquina Macayo

Hasta ahora lo que llevo de curso me está resultando muy instructivo e interesante ,encantado de haber adquirido el curso

I have to say thank you for restoring my love of art after a 30 year hiatus.

I purchased a few of your products, including the watercolour course and really enjoyed following along. Instead of doing the turtle at the end, I tried a painting of a puffin underwater.

Best brushes I’ve bought!

These are the oil brushes I’ve been hoping existed! And they do!

Great package

The ultimate brush toolbox contains a wealth of brushes that create beautiful, digital watercolors. I love them.

Fantastic brushes

I use Nathan's brushes on all my digital artwork now. They are a game changer in beautifully bringing out the qualities of watercolor that I fell in love with so many years ago. I love them.

Ultimate Brush Toolbox
Excellent brushes

I was so excited to see these brushes at work on a YouTube video you posted. The one with the hummingbird. Once I got them downloaded I got to work trying them all out. They feel really good and I love that there’s such a variety of mediums making it easy to make a mixed media piece. I can’t wait to get more familiar with them. I had trouble at first trying to download the files but Nathan was outstanding in his customer service making sure I had the right link. Thank you Nathan!

Great toolbox

Love the options of brushes. Thanks I am new to digital art and enjoying the creativity.

Nathan Brown Procreate Watercolor Masterclass

Such an amazing course. Nathan does a great job of teaching the fundamentals and leads you nicely onto some more advanced techniques. I took this course at the very start of my art journey nearly 2 years ago now. I have not looked back since and my art has grown and improved along the way.

Great brushes

I'm having a great time creating works of art, and Nathan's brush set makes it so easy!! Great work!

Nathan Brown Procreate Watercolor Masterclass

I had been wanting to learn how to create digital watercolor paintings in Procreate. This course gives a lot of information, techniques and brushes. I feel that it has given me a good foundation for understanding Procreate digital watercolor painting.