License Agreement

Our License Agreement is simple and easy to understand. When you purchase a Trailhead Design Co Product you agree to the following terms and usage conditions.

Be sure to purchase 1 license for each person

When you purchase 1 of our products you are purchasing 1 license. That allows you to install the product on 2 of your own devices. For example, your work computer and your laptop or iPad. If a second person within your organization or someone working on the same project would like to also use the product they will need to purchase they're own license in order to do so.

So in other words...

1 license = 1 person and 2 licenses = 2 people and so on...

The Regular License WILL ALLOW:

  • Use in personal or commercial projects within the limits detailed below.
  • Creation of end products for sale (up to 5,000 individual units).
  • Use in broadcast media (up to 500,000 lifetime views).
  • Use in a single mobile, desktop or web app.
  • Use in digital banner advertising (unlimited).
  • Use in physical print advertising (local and national).
  • Use in digital video advertising (500,000 lifetime views).

The Regular License will NOT ALLOW:

  • Redistribution of the product in any form. This includes downloads, file sharing, torrent and cloud services. (Even sharing with friends)
  • Creation of a "digital resource" for sale or free. For example you can not create a texture pack or brush pack using any Trailhead Design Co product.
  • Make up of a complete design. The product must be combined with original design elements such as typography, illustration and layout.
  • Creation of end products for sale over 5,000 units. You can contact us for an extended license.

For any questions or extended license purchase feel free to get in touch